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Business Packs

We offer customized "Clean Packs" at an affordable price to medical facilities, schools, universities, non-profits, airlines, hotels and any business who need a safer more convenient way to provide PPE.

We customize each pack with your logo and statement on the front along with a QR code sticker on the back and fill it with the contents you select. 


The QR Code is the most valuable part of the pack.  This will allow you to direct the prospect to the site of your choosing, capture their information and retarget them in the future.

"Only FDA approved materials are used in our packs"

Top Packs

Complete Pack


1 Mask

1 Pair of nitrile gloves

1 Hand wipe

1 Hand sanitizer

1 Adhesive placemat

250 & 500     $2.75/pack

1000              $2.50/pack

1500 +           $2.00/pack

Original Pack


1 Mask

1 Pair of nitrile gloves

1 Hand wipe

1 Hand sanitizer

250 & 500     $2.50/pack

1000              $2.25/pack

1500+            $1.75/pack

Basic Pack


1 Mask

1 Pair of nitrile gloves

250 & 500     $1.55/pack

1000              $1.45/pack

1500+            $1.10/pack

Wipe Pack


1 Mask

1 Pair of nitrile gloves

1 Hand wipe

250 & 500     $1.75/pack

1000              $1.60/pack

1500+           $1.20/pack

Sanitizer Pack


1 Mask

1 Pair of nitrile gloves

1 Hand sanitizer

250 & 500     $2.05/pack

1000              $1.90/pack

1500+            $1.50/pack

Customize Your Packs


If none of the packs above are exactly what you are looking for feel free to create your own custom pack.  

Choose the right combination of contents that fits your needs and we will make it for you.

If you would like to add any of your existing company content to our packs like your company pens, we will do that as well for you to ensure you have the perfect pack. 

Customer service and satisfaction is our #1 goal.

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