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Concession Packs

Concessions already pay for the condiments and products

in our packs, so with our basic pack at only $.65 each (shipping included) the real cost impact is only pennies...but the value is priceless!

A more convenient way to service fans

Employees do not have to spend time setting up condiment stations

Helps fans maintain social distancing guidelines instead of gathering around condiment stations

Fans do not have to touch the same pump on the bulky condiments

(ketchup, mustard etc.)


Facility does not have to worry about bulk hand sanitizer stations

running out since we individual gel sanitizer in each pack

QR Codes can be linked to team concession maps,

team websites, upcoming events etc.

The front cover can be completely customized from the logo to the verbiage 

that best fits the needs of each facility and/or event

Basic Pack Includes:

Fully customized front cover, a sticker with QR code on the back of the air tight pack, 2 Ketchup & 2 Mustard, Utensil Pack, 1 Wet Wipe, Free Shipping

** If you would like to insert a schedule, coupon for merchandise or any other paper item less than 5x7 inches, we would be happy to insert it FREE of charge.  Simply let us know, ship us the items and we will insert them as we package your order.

**Create your own custom packs from all the products we offer:  Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, BBQ, Relish, Hand Wipe, Hand Sanitizer, Adhesive Placemat, Napkin,

Salt & Pepper, Silverware Pack or Individual Utensils 

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