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Be The Clear Choice 

Businesses, Universities and Sports Organizations are using clean packs for various reasons but the number one reason is the promotional value it provides.

Businesses need more customers, Universities need more students and Sports Organizations need more fans.  Allow us to show you how our partnership can achieve your desired result.


Fans & Concessions

Without fans attending sporting events; universities, semi and professional sports teams leagues lose significant amounts of income to give scholarships and pay the athletes. 


Our "Concession Packs" help provide a peace of mind to fans, regulators and government officials that sports organizations can and deserve to open back up to full capacity for fans.  

These concession packs reduce the amount of person to person contact from the bulky pumps while saving labor setting up these pump stations and maintaining them throughout the game.

Concession Packs


Targeted Marketing

Your logo and message

Providing something of value

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2 Purchasing Options For Sports Organizations

1. Sports organizations can purchase the packs for their use.

2. Sports organizations leverage sponsorship opportunities to pay in full or part for these packs.  This option takes the financial burden off of the sports organization while offering additional sponsorship opportunities to the current sponsors or new sponsors. 


***Clean Pack Pro will customize the Front cover and QR however fits the chosen purchasing option***

Our Clients

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