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Apartment Price Sheet First Pack Promotion 
First Pack Promo: 500 Free when you buy 1,500 x $0.15 = $225.00  
Businesses that advertise in the first pack with get extra publicity on our website and social media pages.

Current Price Sheet as of December, 9th 2021

Grow your business with our various advertising options...

These packs will consist of 10 - 5x7 ads/cards.  Advertisers can choose to advertise on one or both sides of these 10 coupons.

Each side of a 5x7 card is $0.15

Print both sides of a 5x7 card is $0.30

Businesses and Marketing Agencies can purchase pack orders as little as 2,000 cards up to larger pack orders of 10,000

Example:  2,000 x $0.15 = $300.00

Example:  10,000 x $0.14 = $1,400

Businesses can choose 1 or multiple apartments to advertise with.

If a company purchases a 10,000 pack order, you can choose to use all 10,000 at the same complex or select up to 5 different apartments to advertise with.  Each business must purchase a minimum of 2,000 units per apartment.  A 10,000 pack order will be shipped out in 2,000 pack increments.    

Example: If 5 businesses choose double sided and 10 businesses choose single sided the pack would consists of 15 total advertisers.

Take Advantage of Move-In Pack Marketing...

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