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Move-In Pack Marketing

How we get your business in the hands of Thousands  of people that need your service....

We provide marketing products for apartment complexes and in exchange their leasing agents pass out our move-in packs to every individual or family actively seeking to move into their facility.

We work with local businesses to advertise in the Move-In Packs.  

We offer exclusivity in these packs meaning:  Only 1 moving company, 1 bakery, 1 barber,

1 pizzeria, 1 pet groomer, 1 gym...etc. 

These packs will be put directly into the hands of future residents that will need the services these businesses provide once they move in.

Grow your business one Move-In Pack at a time!

Our campaigns are designed to last 12 months + - based on each apartments average monthly showing.


These packs will consist of 5x7 ads/cards.  Advertisers can choose to advertise on one or both sides of the 5x7 ads/cards.  We recommend double sided therefore no matter how the pack is opened your business will always be facing up!

Example: If 10 businesses choose double sided and 10 businesses choose single sided the pack would consists of 15 total cards.

Here is how it works....

1. Sign Up For Pricing - Simply fill out the form to let us know you would like to advertise in our move-in packs.

2. We Will Locate A Complex For You - We will contact you to discuss details regarding your marketing campaign and campaign size.

3. Perfect Pair  - Once we pair you with an apartment we will design your marketing ads for the packs.

4. You Approve Design - You approve all ads before we print.  Once all 20 spots have been filled and approved they will go to print and begin the packages process.

5. Distribution - Print, Postage and Delivery are all included.


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